Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report.

Fishing is great at the moment!

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Fishing report - April 2017

Mornings are starting to be a little cooler now and the water temperature is dropping on the lake and the trout are happy to spread out now instead of going deep into the lake.
This is what I call ‘transition time’ now! Hard to pick what the trout are up to day to day and this will test some anglers. The school holidays and Easter fishing is approaching quickly and fishing should be good with the cooler water. Plenty of yabbies about in the lake also so the kids should have some fun catching them as well. Just remember NO enclosed traps are to be used in trout waters for catching yabbies. The rivers have been fishing well and if we get some good rainfall we might even see an early start to the trout spawning run in the Thredbo River.

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The Lake level continued to drop and will continue to do so as winter approaches
The Lake temperature today was 16 degrees C (on the surface).

Best methods to catch a trout.
Best method
Boat trolling was the best method over the past week.
Best lake lure
Yellow wing Tasmanian devil lures like number111 ‘Willy’s Special” and Y48 Brown Bomber.
Best lake area
East Jindabyne islands and Creel Bay is picking up now.
Best fly method lake
Williamson’s Goldfish and Hamills Killer.
Best River Fly Fishing
Mostly fishing nymphs now but you may see a little dry fly on warmer days.
Best River Lures
Spinners in gold colours and natural coloured minnow lures

Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next week.

At the start of the month, the trout were close to the surface early and going deeper as the sun rose but still catchable on lead core lines all day long. You need to mix it up a bit and certainly trolling a little deeper is best when the sun is on the water. Tasmanian Devil number 111 “Willy’s Special’ and Brown Bomber, Y48 and holographic are the most consistent lures. Better trolling areas this month will be Sid’s Bay through to Rushes Bay and down to the township. Keep your minnow lures handy as they are going to start to work very soon. Also trolling around the weedy bays with ‘goldfish’ like minnow lures will be good and there are some excellent Bullet Lure patterns for you to check out in my shop.

Lake Bait Fishing
(Primarily most rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains Region are fly and lure only, We recommend that you first check with the Department of Industry and Investment NSW (NSW Fishing rules) as to which rivers in the area you can legally bait fish in. IF IN DOUBT DON’T BAIT FISH in the RIVERS!) Bait fishing should remain good now with a little rain and cooler weather. Mudeye seson is ending so worms, meal worms and artificial baits will be the best bet. Best bait fishing areas Hatchery Bay, Rushes Bay and mouth of the Thredbo or The Snowy River Arm.

Lake Spinning
Spinning lures around the creek and stream inlets has been good. Brighter lures if sunny and darker lures when it is dull. Gillies feathertails, Celtas or Yellowwing Tasmanian Devil Lures. Bullet lures continue to be a very successful lure for anglers. Remember the goldfish that the trout love to eat so patterns that resemble the goldfish will be best. Soft plastics continue to gain popularity with the Strike Tiger range of plastics selling by far the best these days. Try some of the nymphs you will be surprised how effective they are. Try fishing the Wollondibby Point, Rushes Bay, and Waste Point area and it is always best to fish facing into the wind where the food is blown close to the edges. This is where the trout will be cruising.

River Spinning.
I would expect some big changes on the river as soon as we get decent rain which will stir a few early spawners into action but until then the river fishing may be a little slow. Plenty of small fish about though and at least you should catch something. Try some Gillies Feathertails or Vibrax Glow spinners very early and late in the day or some soft plastics like the Strike Tiger, olive pepper. The 3 and 5 cm Bullet lures are also well worth a throw. .

Fly Fishing Lake
Try any of the streamer patterns such as Mrs Simpson and Williamson’s Snowy Mountains Gold Fish. Olive green nymphs and shrimp patterns. Waste Point and Wollondibby inlet are worth a try.

Fly fishing Rivers and Streams
Again I am expecting that thing will change on the rivers and streams with any decent rain but until then it looks like will be using nymphs and maybe a little dry fly. There are still a few grasshoppers about but look also for black crickets. Looking what’s around will help you with fly selection.

Adrian Flanagan with a 600mm Brown trout.

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